Why Jamaica?

As a team, we encounter all kinds of different questions…”Why Jamaica? Why not somewhere else that has more need? Why do you have to go to a different country to help those who are less fortunate? What kind of difference can you really make?”

Simply put, we love Jamaica.

Jamaica is definitely a beautiful country and when you first hear the island’s name, your first thought is not automatically missions. However, when you drive past all the touristy spots and meet the people where they are, you see all the things a tourist doesn’t. Tiny homes built out of scrap metal meant to house a family of 6. Children running around barefoot and in ripped clothing. Men and women laying in an infirmary where they have been for over 10 years. But in the midst of all of this “poverty”, that family of 6 in their makeshift home is eagerly praying for someone to come and build them a safe and warm place to live. The children running around without any shoes have smiles that never ever leave your heart. When you watch them worship, you are convicted about your own relationship with Christ and think, “God, make me like a child once again.” Those men and women who are too ill to get out of bed and have remained in the same room, shared with many others for ten years, they may not be able to move their limbs or walk around, but they will sing and shout when the name of Jesus is mentioned. You leave with your heart reawakened in a way that can only be accomplished when you step out of your comfort zone. We go to Jamaica to minister to these people. We build houses for them, paint their churches, sing with their children in school, bring shoes and clothing so these kids can actually be prepared for school. We build relationships with these people and show them the love of Christ and we tell them about all that He has done. And even though we go with the intention of being a blessing to these beautiful people, we are the ones who come back changed for a lifetime. Sure, you can minister to those who are right around you, and you should, but there is something special about falling in love with a people who are not your own. There is something that changes inside of you forever. That “thing” draws you closer to the heart of the King of kings. That is why we go.

Please stick around for updates from our upcoming trip which is April 11th-18th.